Year 1. Fact Finding
Inform classes about European aspect. Motivate and inform about importance good food. Exchange of information between all schools (by means of virtual learn surrounding – homepage – e-mail – video) Pupils present their region – school – class – themselves Questionnaire: Pupils fill up the questionnaire about their eating habits. We involve all school, drawing attention on their eating habit.  

Year 2.  Evaluation
Working out answers and results of year 1 Compare with partner countries (considering social background, types of education) Inform each other about results and opinions (e.g. focusing on health aspects) = research on typical aspects of every county in interaction Pupils present result to other pupils  and parents of the school showing result (CD ROM Year 1, plus a port folio) installing little exposition in hall (grows with the project) Eating activity at school showing good standard meals → Exchange activity by means of video – photo - interview → Making  and exchanging recipes of typical (healthy) products of the region Making of a dictionary/ list related to the topic, in all languages, ( words, idioms and expressions) used in the different countries involved on the project.

Year 3.  Changing attitudes
Proposing better attitudes in own habits. Involving (healthy) food aspects in each others food culture. Presenting each  others tools to prepare each meal. Big eating activity at school involving healthy food aspects of each participating country. Inviting all teachers, parents, press…
Throughout the project we’ll try to make a common dictionary (illustrated with photos of typical dishes) and a kind of cookery book.


AUSTRIA - BORG Deutschlandsberg, Weststeiemark
BELGIUM - Technish Institut Onze-Lieve-Vrouw, Tongeren
GERMANY - KGS Kirschweyhe, Bremen
HUNGARY - Hunyadi Janos Altalanos Iskola, Budapest
ITALY - Liceo Scientifico Statale Battista L. B. Alberti, Cagliari
PORTUGAL - EB 1,2,3/PE Prof. Francisco Manuel Santana Barreto, Madeira
SPAIN - C. P. Uribarri, Bilbao

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